Managing keys in your Sales department

We have all experienced it either as an employee or a customer. You’re ready to test drive the vehicle, but can’t find the keys! After spending 30 minutes searching, your customer ends up leaving because he or she waited too long. The opportunity for the deal, as well as a lifelong customer goes out the window. Simply because you can’t find the keys or the vehicle. If your current key tracking system is a filing cabinet, wooden keyboard, or key ring, we have a solution for your problem.


Controlling Keys in your Service Operations

Similar to your sales team, service is another department of the dealership where keys can become a nuisance. Service keys can be in many different areas on the process. If your technician cannot find the keys or where the vehicle is parked, precious time is wasted that could be working on the service repair order. Additionally, without a key management system in place, accountability decreases for your customer’s keys. Better your key tracking in service with us!


manage your Spare Keys and Dealer Plates

Just like your sales and service keys in your dealership, there’s even more to manage. Your spare keys are a liability with less activity and no audit trail. Additionally, if you don’t have a key tracking system for your dealer plates, these expenses can add up as well. We handle much more than your keys.