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Dealerships - welcome to total control for your keys, inventory, and employees. You’re either dealing with lost keys, expensive key replacements, wasted employee time, little employee accountability, and even lost customers. When you add each of these items together, it equals one thing: you’re losing a lot of money.

1Micro is here to help. We have a variety of tools that will result in one thing: you’ll save a lot of time and money. See the information below for more details. Let’s talk about massive improvement to your bottom line!


The most advanced Key Management System on the planet - the KeyMaster™ will give you the best results.

  • Cloud-based platform with over 65 integrations across automotive including: vAuto™, Homenet™, Dealertrack™, and more.

  • 4K Camera that records every user accessing your keys.

  • Clean and efficient design for a vehicle key.

  • Ability to control license plates or spare keys locked down to a manager only.


Need effective key control in other ares of your business? This could relate to your service drive, cashier, used car operations, remote lots, and more. The KeyMaster Lite™ is the solution for these areas. Enclosed with the same powerful technology that 1Micro provides, connect all of your systems under one rooftop for a seamless flow of your keys.


How would you like to do everything related to the KeyMaster™ right from your mobile iOS or Android device?

iLot is 1Micro’s powerful tool that gives you the ability:

  • To know who has the key or which key the system is in.

  • To remove a key with your mobile device in 5 seconds.

  • Where the car is parked through Geofencing.

  • To perform physical inventory audits.

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