Fleet vehicle key management

With many locations in your operation, along with many vehicles, tracking your fleet car keys can become overwhelming. You have employees coming in and out for their repair work, vehicle usage, transportation, etc. If you don’t have anything in place to keep them accountable for returning their keys, you can run into issues. Our key control system will keep your team accountable.


Fleet vehicle Tracking

After finding the key, the other half of the problem is finding where the vehicle is parked. Using iLot Asset Tracking will help you solve this problem. Using Geofencing and GPS technology paired with the KeyMaster, you can always know who has the key or where the vehicle was last parked. With constant movement of your keys and fleet vehicles, you want to always be sure everything is being tracked correctly.

Fleet Inventory Audits

You oversee thousands to millions of dollars worth of vehicles, you want to ensure they are all accounted for each week or month. Using iLot Inventory Audit, we can help you manage your inventory. Keep track of your vehicles and know which ones are missing, and why!