Mobile Transactions

Stop wasting your time behind a line of others waiting to get keys. Instead, iLot gives you the ability to perform a transaction and get a key or group of keys, all from your mobile device. Whether you are on the lot, your office, back in service, or with a customer, iLot allows many users to access the KeyMaster all at the same time. 


Asset Tracking

iLot takes accountability a step further and now gives you the ability to track your assets, all via GPS from a user's mobile device. Whether it is a recent test drive by a salesperson, or having the data to keep employees accountable, iLot will get the job done. In addition, this application will also record where each vehicle was last parked, so your users will know where each vehicle is located.



When your users within your dealership value a car, how spot on is their valuation? iLot Appraisal will give your users the most accurate value of a vehicle, all at the palm of their hand. In addition, they will have an extensive list of data to back up the final valuation on that vehicle. Your team now can hit the bullseye on each appraised vehicle.



iLot gives your users the ability of 360 degree still or video imaging. Whether you take a trade, receive a transport or at an auction, you can book in the asset, image the vehicles with your device, and distribute to all of your marketing channels, all in real time. It's that simple. iLot also can produce the original window sticker for certain types of vehicles as well as the used car buyer guides.