Control an unlimited number of keys plus Dealer Plates. Infinite expansion via additional Side Cabinet. 

The 6 Drawer KeyMaster has the capacity to hold 576 keys at your dealership.

The 6 Drawer KeyMaster has the capacity to hold 576 keys at your dealership.


Designed from inception as an automotive specific Key Tracking System, the KeyMaster™ Key Control System is the most advanced, key control system on the planet. From its simple touch screen user interface to its secure ATM style enclosure, KeyMaster™ stands alone. Your dealership deserves key tracking with security, efficiency, and accountability. Compare us to the competition and you will see for yourself. “Nothing even comes close”.

KeyMaster 3.6 Series


  • DataCenter Architecture provides seamless data exchange with over 60+ Automotive databases like Dealertrack™,™, CarFax™, DealerSocket™, VinSolutions™, ADP™, Salesforce™, Chrome™ and many more.
  • Live, real-time web management portal
  • Seamless movement between multiple systems with only an internet connection
  • Plug-N-Play pre-configured setup right out of the box. 
  • Unlimited capacity via expansion chassis.

Base System includes:

  • 17" EloTouch™ Display
  • Industrial Fanless Motherboard
  • HID™ Integrated User Proximity ID Reader
  • SSD Solid State Disk System
  • Integrated Brother Label Printer
  • One 96 key capacity Drawer
  • Expandable Side Cabinet (unlimited number of cabinets)


  • Side Cabinet (holds up to 5 additional drawers)
  • Dealer Plate Drawer (up to 24 plates)
  • SnapShell™ Drivers License Scanner
  • Biometric Scanning System
  • iLot handheld applications

17" EloTouch™ Display Standard.


Each KeyMaster™ comes with 25 HID™ Proximity Cards.

Touch Screen

Large 17", intuitive, easy to use, touch screen interface makes system use simple. Similar to an ATM, using your machine and training your employees is a breeze. We make key tracking fast and reliable for you.

Employee HID™ Swipe

Custom photo identification proximity cards produced for your employees and used to access the Salestouch inventory control software. Key tracking has never been so easy!

Keep an eye on who uses your keys and your KeyMaster™. 

Keep an eye on who uses your keys and your KeyMaster™. 

Labels automatically printed and cut for every vehicle. 

Integrated Label Printer

Specifically dedicated to printing key tracking tag labels that are legible, weather proof and created automatically on demand.

Security Camera

All new optics show more detail and clarity. Monitor users’ actions while drawers are open and track the keys that users will check out.

Your keys will be safe and secure in these drawers.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Built Drawers

Large oversized 600 lb. capacity drawer slides control the movement of the world's most advanced drawers. They will provide decades of reliable use. The same ones you'll find on fire trucks holding 1,000 lb. generators! The best built drawers on planet Earth.

5" Diameter Large Swivel, Locking Casters


Large 5" Polyurethane casters for mark free movement on the most discriminating dealership floors.


Admin Acces Only Side Cabinet (Option)

When your dealership experiences inventory growth, tracking keys will need more attention, and the KeyMaster will accommodate to your needs.  Unlimited key control capacity with extreme security and efficiency. Store your second sets of keys here to stop that point of loss. 

Dealer Plate Drawer (Option)

Hold up to 24 Dealer Plates. Plate Brackets designed to hold the plate on the vehicle with extreme high strength, chrome plated magnet and theft resistant cable secured Keytag to plate via large circular magnet. Not only can you track keys with ease, but dealer plates as well. 

Keep your Dealer Plates organized and secure.

DL Scanner (Option)

Driver’s license scanning, sales process control, controlled content access, offsite storage, and secure disposal of private customer information. GLB Red flag compliant scanning system.

Instantly collect, manage and distribute secure, encrypted customer data to other databases.


Keep your lots organized with our iLot app that lets you sweep the vehicles on your lot. Scan the 2D barcodes on our window stickers to let you know what section every vehicle is in and in what order. 

Download iLotStickers app here

Download iLotStickers app here

iLot Window Inventory Stickers



iLot Book-in app allows you to book vehicles into your KeyMaster™ system and Dealertrack™ systems, seamlessly. No waiting, no double entry, no wasted time. Accurate, Quick and only one entry.

Download iLot Bookin app here

Download iLot Bookin app here

ORGANIZED key Management

The keys can be removed in the order they are requested, or by lot location. Our engineers also designed our key tags similar to Lego's™. Ever thought a Key Tracking System could have these extensive abilities? They simply snap together, so that users can remain organized at all times. If you need the keys in the middle of a section, simply break the brick of keys apart and grab the keys you need. Snap them back together, still in order. Our key tags are designed to do more and will make tracking your keys a breeze. 

Key tags are designed to snap together like Legos.

You know where the keys are in your dealership. Now you know where the cars are too!

Prospect data collection

SalesTouch collects prospect and customer data by processing the customer’s drivers license information through the integrated scanning system. This process assists the dealership in complying with the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, passed by Congress to protect the privacy interests of individuals. SalesTouch controls who is capturing the customer’s information; controls and records who accesses the information; controls the timeline for access and destruction of the information; and accomplishes this all in compliance with the Gramm Leach Bliley Act.

Instant Information to management

Your dealership can get busy and sometimes, valuable information can be missed. By tracking the key, the vehicle, the salesperson and the prospect through use of the digital key tags. The salesperson’s ID badge, SalesTouch provides instantaneous information to management personnel on what salesperson has which vehicle, who the prospect is and when or if the vehicle keys have been returned.



"I have been in the car business since 1982. Keys have always been a problem. We started with a peg board in a locked closet. Then came the key boxes you attached to outside windows (pass keys open all boxes). Machines that had plastic boxes on a carousel, keys got bigger, opened the boxes and jammed the machine. Fingerprint machines, hand print machines all work slow on multi-key removal.

1 Micro has been a great help with our key problems. You tap in codes for any key operation, a picture is taken with a time stamp. Key removal 5 - 50 keys is fast. Yet, it can do much more; scan drivers license, access online data anywhere, send emails to customers, clock in/out, record demos by salesperson.


to name a few ..... 1MICRO KEYMASTER is well worth the investment."     



  Jim Briscoe


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