No More Stolen Cars

Hello Key Managers!

First, take a look at this link:

I spoke with the Casey Turner, the GM at McKevitt VW in San Leandro, CA on the phone a couple weeks ago about an incident that happened at his dealership recently. Unfortunately, there were 4 cars stolen after about 15 burglars broke in to the dealership. Thankfully, he has gotten the cars back, but not in the condition they were in before the heist. Anytime we hear of stolen vehicles at a dealership, we know the painful process that they have to go through to clean up the aftermath. That's one of the many reasons where we come in to stop that point of loss and end the uncertainty of car theft. Although the conversation with Casey was brief, he seemed to be very positive about the situation and we're glad that he was able to get the cars back. We hope in the future that 1Micro and the KeyMaster can be McKevitt's next key management system, so there won't be any more stolen cars.

The KeyMaster will keep your keys secure, don't take a chance by not having our system in place! Make it a great day, have a good weekend!

- Jamie