Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and your key tracking

MaaS is the next popular service model

With new tools and benefits regarding transportation such as Uber™, Lyft™, and many more, the automotive market wonders what will be next. One of the main aspects to Mobility as a Service, or MaaS, is transportation without the ownership of a car. Obviously for years we’ve had trains, buses, taxis, and planes as a means to travel. Today, the access and authentication to these new ways of ride sharing, subscription based services, etc is through your mobile device. As ownership dwindles for some, those who already have ownership see a business opportunity with their own fleet of vehicles or using their vehicle for trips. At some point, the question is brought up, “how do you manage your keys in this new process?”

Take a relatively new company, Fair™ for example, that has over 3,000 dealers using their tool for customers who don’t necessarily want to own a vehicle, but would rather have a “pool of vehicles” to choose from. There is less liability for the customer without contracts or a long lease, and more variety with vehicles to choose from. At some point, the keys to all of these vehicles need some type of management amongst moving vehicles or drivers of the vehicles. Take a look at Fair’s website to learn more:

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