What's The Next Step For Automotive Key Management?


Since the launch of iLot in 2017, 1Micro has made many advancements toward the phrase: "Automated Tools For The Automotive Mind". We're focused on saving your team time and money by continuing automation within your dealership. At the end of the day, it comes down to your end customer who needs to either purchase a vehicle or service their vehicle. We want your team to get through that process as quickly as possible by locating the key and locating the vehicle as quickly as possible. Take a look at what our customers have said within just months of installation...

"Before the KeyMaster and iLot, we had a big key expense and 6 cars stolen off of our lot. Since we installed with 1Micro, we've had zero cars stolen and saved roughly $2,000 each month because we haven't needed to replace a key yet! Plus, snow days are a breeze for moving the lot around. It's a game changer."

"Before the KeyMaster and iLot, we spent around $1,800 per month replacing keys. After installation, we haven't replaced a key yet. Plus, the Asset Tracking takes all of our salespeople right to the car using iLot when they are going on a test drive. It's been a great solution for us and customers have even noticed!"

"Not only has the KeyMaster paid for itself within 6 months of use, but iLot has helped us locate each vehicle's location right away. It probably saves us about 20 minutes per deal each month. That's a lot of time our entire team saves, it's pretty amazing."

These are just a few of many examples on how the 1Micro product line is greatly reducing expenses and time wasted by controlling the process of tracking the key and the vehicle's location. The individuals who use our products now see our solution starting with a key machine and ending as an overall inventory solution. As we grow, so will your efficiency at the dealership as we continue to strive in our innovation of new products, features, and benefits. 

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