Efficient solutions result in a better business!


Many would argue that one of the most underrated points for a business is an efficient process. While a big focus should be on sales, marketing, R&D, and others, without an efficient process built into these areas, a lot of loss can occur. Growth is slower than it would be and opportunities aren’t able to be handled as quickly.

As we tackle problems that many dealerships, fleet departments, rental car companies, and more deal with, the owners see a lot of value in creating an efficient process. When key management is out of control, or there is no control, this results in an inefficient process.

Inefficiencies result in less opportunities closed, more waste of time/money, and more burden on your employees. When it comes to your keys - this can be the customer’s time wasted, higher payrolls, or even theft if you don’t have the correct system in place. 1Micro is committed to a product built around process, and we guarantee it will improve your business over any other method!

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