Fortune: Black Friday Sales Boost - Automotive

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We're glad to hear that Black Friday week posted a boost in sales for dealerships! A good economy brings in more customers, which leads to more sales within your dealership. That's the point of every dealership, to sell more cars. That's where they KeyMaster comes in to help close more of those deals. Of the many tools that this key control system has, helping your team collect customer data is what our machine can do. In turn, this will lead to an increase in sales dollars for your dealership. Who knew that a key machine is going to help you increase your sales?

Sales Snapshot: Texas

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Let's take a look at vehicle sales figures for Texas. Currently, it overall sounds like the market is in a downward trend, despite the drop in oil prices. Regardless, each dealership must be persistent in closing deals to win the end of the year with strong numbers. Your next key machine can be that solution for helping your team increase sales numbers. The KeyMaster is made to track your keys, but has many more abilities, including customer data gathering. At the end of the day, you need that customer's information to follow up more frequently and close more deals. You set the standard for what information you need before a user gets the keys for a test drive. The more data your CRM gets, the more likely your salesperson can close those deals. Be better than how the industry is today! Track your keys, get customer information, and close more deals. Let the KeyMaster help!



Technology That Drives Automotive Car Sales

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When you think of the word technology, I'm sure you would agree that it plays a major part in our society today. Whether it's your cell phone, laptop, or television, each of these will assist us in a daily activity. Let's dive deeper into your dealership's technology:

The point of every dealership is to sell cars. Many automotive sales consultants would agree that using some type technology will aid in closing a sale. Some examples could be through email, a dealership's website, in store televisions showing vehicle specs, electronic signatures, CRM, DMS, or by a key tracking system. There are many different paths to choose from. In any decision, it should produce a positive ROI for you and your dealership. 

That's where the KeyMaster comes in. When it comes to an investment, not only will the KeyMaster save on your costs, but will also aid in increasing your sales dollars. Yes - it is a key tracking system for your dealership, but it also extends to be a resource for your sales staff. Extensive reporting show you the data that you have been missing in your dealership, it forces the data entry that you need from your staff, and plenty more. The KeyMaster will secure your keys but it does far more; making it the most advanced key tracking system. Don't let lack of technology lead to lack of sales!

Car Thefts Are Rising

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The NICB is working hard to put a stop to these car thefts. At 1Micro, we agree that something must be done. The KeyMaster makes it a lot harder for thieves to get the keys because of it's solid design, made from aircraft grade aluminum. Not only is this built to last for years and years, but it's also built to keep unauthorized individuals out.

Do you ever wonder if your Key Management System for your dealership is getting that job done?

If so, can it do anything more than what the KeyMaster can do?

Don't take the risk of potentially stolen keys/vehicles. When you put our Key Management System in your dealership, your users accountability increases and the worry of theft decreases.


Evolution of Keys and Fobs

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As time progresses and technology gets smarter, so do the keys in your dealership. Being in Automotive Key Control, I'm sure you have something close to what was shown in this article. When you have an automotive key that does more than simply turn your car on, it's going to cost more, yes, but it gives your customer that extra value he/she needs. Why risk losing something as valuable as this when our Key Management System is the answer to controlling your keys? Regardless of the size or luxury of the key, The KeyMaster has the ability to control them and keep them safe. 

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We Have Started a Blog!

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As a company, we have decided to start a blog with weekly insights on Dealership Key Control and staying on top of your game in regards to security, saving on costs, increasing efficiency, and more.

Thanks for checking in and we look forward to hearing any feedback from current customers and new potential customers! 

Keep your keys secure. Save money by switching to 1Micro and see how we truly are "The Most Advanced Key Control System".