Going to Digital Dealer 27? Visit 1Micro in Booth 615!

Visit us at Digital Dealer 27, Booth 615!

1Micro is on the road to Las Vegas to showcase our key management solution for dealerships looking to control their process with the KeyMaster! Lost keys, wasted time, and unhappy customers can be the result to an ineffective key control system. We’re excited to help you and your staff control your operations with 1Micro. See you in booth 615!

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1Micro's New Youtube Account and Luther Brookdale Honda's Results!

Continued Success for Dealerships!

1Micro has added a new social media account with Youtube. Over the course of time, you’ll see updates from trade shows, product demos, and more! See the first video that takes a deeper dive into Luther Brookdale Honda’s store and the successful results 1Micro has delivered. With over 1,500 vehicles, over 100 employees, and a lot of service RO’s each day - 1Micro’s solution has helped control that process. See the video below to learn more!

Visit 1Micro at NADA, Booth 4043N!

National Automobile Dealers Association 2019

1Micro, a leader in the automotive industry for key control, is poised to bring effective solutions to the 2019 NADA Show, located in San Francisco, California. With the two hottest products in the automotive market, KeyMaster and iLot, 1Micro adds another cost-effective solution: KeyMaster Lite. With the same advanced technology as other products that 1Micro currently offers, the KeyMaster Lite brings even more control for the areas that a dealer will need for an efficient operation. Stop by Booth 4043N to learn more!

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Happy Holidays from 1Micro!

Happy Holidays!

As your solution for key tracking across automotive, fleet, and more… 1Micro wants to say thank you for a fantastic year in 2018. We’ve received many kind words, positive results, and most importantly happy customers over the year. We will continue to innovate on our solutions to bring even more time and money savings across the world. We’re poised for another great year as 2019 starts soon! Happy Holidays!

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Come Visit Us At NADA in Booth 4043N!

National Automobile Dealers Association Show

1Micro is back at one of the hottest events in automotive, the NADA Show 2019 in San Fransisco, CA on January 25th - 27th. Looking back on a successful year in 2018 with new innovations, success, and extreme growth, 1Micro is poised to bring even more solutions and money-savings to dealerships across the world. The popularity of the KeyMaster and iLot has proven effective results for the automotive market in efficient key control. Get ready for continued improvements, new tools, and a booth that you won’t forget! Come by Booth 4043N to grab a drink, have a chat, and most importantly learn about the #1 key tracking system on Planet Earth: The KeyMaster. See you in San Fransisco!

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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and your key tracking

MaaS is the next popular service model

With new tools and benefits regarding transportation such as Uber™, Lyft™, and many more, the automotive market wonders what will be next. One of the main aspects to Mobility as a Service, or MaaS, is transportation without the ownership of a car. Obviously for years we’ve had trains, buses, taxis, and planes as a means to travel. Today, the access and authentication to these new ways of ride sharing, subscription based services, etc is through your mobile device. As ownership dwindles for some, those who already have ownership see a business opportunity with their own fleet of vehicles or using their vehicle for trips. At some point, the question is brought up, “how do you manage your keys in this new process?”

Take a relatively new company, Fair™ for example, that has over 3,000 dealers using their tool for customers who don’t necessarily want to own a vehicle, but would rather have a “pool of vehicles” to choose from. There is less liability for the customer without contracts or a long lease, and more variety with vehicles to choose from. At some point, the keys to all of these vehicles need some type of management amongst moving vehicles or drivers of the vehicles. Take a look at Fair’s website to learn more: https://www.fair.com

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Visit 1Micro for the NPA Convention October 22-25th!


With many other trade shows in our mix, 1Micro will also be attending the NPA Convention for the Parking and Valet industry. Come to Caesar's Palace to learn more about how our solution will control your process and efficiency! We want your key management to be simple, easy, and cost effective. Stop by Booth #109 and we'll help with your key control needs!

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Visit 1Micro at Mopar Vendor Expo on October 9th-12th 2018!


Located in Orlando, FL, come visit 1Micro in Booth 525 to learn more about creating efficiency within your service customer keys, PDI keys, parts control, and tool control. We're excited to showcase our new products which will result in serious time and money savings for your dealership. With over 900 attendees at the Mopar Orlando Service & Parts Conference, 1Micro is dedicated to bringing every dealership a solution to control money/time loss, increase accountability, and automate your processes. 

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iLot Overview: Inventory Audit Module



There are plenty of dealerships who stick to the "old-fashioned way" of doing things. Unfortunately, the old-fashioned way takes too much time and isn't always accurate. A piece of paper and a pen results in illegible handwriting, higher probability for errors, and inefficiencies for touching every vehicle. This process can take hours, even days to perform an audit on your vehicles. That's wasted time a dealership employee may not have in his or her operations.


One of 1Micro's hottest products has increased in popularity for dealerships across the country. The iLot Inventory Audit module has tremendously increased efficiency amongst automotive operations. From the iLot app on iOS or Android, any user can perform the audit that you give access to. You can have as many employees partake in the audit by scanning the vehicle label to verify that it's on your lot. As each vehicle is scanned, the GPS location of that vehicle is automatically updated in real-time. The many hours it once took to perform an audit now takes an hour or less. 

Increase the efficiency of your dealership, fleet, and more today.

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We've heard many times how our clients enjoy the KeyMaster with controlling the keys, but they still run into the issue of finding the vehicle on parking lot. This can waste valuable time for any employee at the dealership and slows down operations. More importantly, the customer is the person waiting to go on a test drive.


Now you have an automated solution to locate your vehicles, with the convenience of any mobile phone or tablet. First, begin with Geofencing your lot in any aspect you would like such as a Remote Lot, Front Row, Delivery Area, New Car Lot, Used Car Lot, etc. There are no limitations to the locations or the number of Geofences you would like to place. Either by scanning the iLot vehicle label or updating the location on the KeyMaster, your entire team will know which Geofence the vehicle is placed in from their phone/tablet or from the key machine. It's that simple! Grab the key, find the vehicle, and start your test drive as quickly as possible. 

Increase the efficiency of your dealership, fleet, and more today.

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New Car Lot Geofence.png

iLot Overview: Mobile Transaction Module



We continued to hear how slow it was to get a key out of the KeyMaster, let alone any other key control system. Whether it was one key or multiple keys, there was a lot of time typing at the machine while other users were waiting to get keys out of the system. Sometimes keys are already checked out and you need to walk all the way back to the machine to get this information. There are many inefficiencies within this aspect on a daily basis. 


Want to get a key in 5 seconds? How about five keys in 30 seconds? No problem, iLot can handle it for you right away. Now, the most efficient and secure way to control your keys, iLot Mobile Transactions is what dealerships, fleet departments, and more industries are raving about. At any time, at any location, such as your desk, with a customer, or wherever, you can see who has which key or what KeyMaster system it's in! Real-time information right at your fingertips. Take one key or multiples keys is just as easy - simply scan a unique, one-time QR code and get your key(s). iLot is 80% faster than any other method of key control, are you ready for the KeyMaster to automate your process?

Increase the efficiency of your dealership, fleet, and more today.

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What's The Next Step For Automotive Key Management?


Since the launch of iLot in 2017, 1Micro has made many advancements toward the phrase: "Automated Tools For The Automotive Mind". We're focused on saving your team time and money by continuing automation within your dealership. At the end of the day, it comes down to your end customer who needs to either purchase a vehicle or service their vehicle. We want your team to get through that process as quickly as possible by locating the key and locating the vehicle as quickly as possible. Take a look at what our customers have said within just months of installation...

"Before the KeyMaster and iLot, we had a big key expense and 6 cars stolen off of our lot. Since we installed with 1Micro, we've had zero cars stolen and saved roughly $2,000 each month because we haven't needed to replace a key yet! Plus, snow days are a breeze for moving the lot around. It's a game changer."

"Before the KeyMaster and iLot, we spent around $1,800 per month replacing keys. After installation, we haven't replaced a key yet. Plus, the Asset Tracking takes all of our salespeople right to the car using iLot when they are going on a test drive. It's been a great solution for us and customers have even noticed!"

"Not only has the KeyMaster paid for itself within 6 months of use, but iLot has helped us locate each vehicle's location right away. It probably saves us about 20 minutes per deal each month. That's a lot of time our entire team saves, it's pretty amazing."

These are just a few of many examples on how the 1Micro product line is greatly reducing expenses and time wasted by controlling the process of tracking the key and the vehicle's location. The individuals who use our products now see our solution starting with a key machine and ending as an overall inventory solution. As we grow, so will your efficiency at the dealership as we continue to strive in our innovation of new products, features, and benefits. 

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1Micro will be attending Digital Dealer 25!

Have you punched your ticket for Digital Dealer 25 in Las Vegas, at the Mirage? Come visit Booth #129 between October 16th - 18th and take a look at the greatest automotive key management system for any dealership, the KeyMaster. Have you heard about the high demand for iLot capabilities with the key machine? Get keys, track vehicle locations, and perform physical audits right from your phone!

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Where Are Your Second Sets of Keys?

I'm going to guess that I know where your second sets of keys are stored. Why? Because most dealerships track their second keys the same way. In fact, when your keys are there, we've seen some major issues that can cost dealerships serious money. That's why we give you the ability to use your drawers as admin access only. Now those keys are locked down, able to be tracked, and most importantly, not lost or cut. From an investment standpoint, this dealership key machine is well worth it. Not only are your keys safe, but your team stays accountable. Tracking keys never could be so easy! Fast - Secure - Accurate.


Thieves steal dozens of vehicles, without the dealership knowing for days.

Sadly, yet another dealership has been affected immensely by stolen vehicles. The thieves broke open the lock boxes where the keys resided on the side of the car and gained access to the vehicle. Over 25 vehicles were stolen. For any dealership, this is a nightmare waiting to occur, especially when there are many cars to manage. 

That is why managing the keys to each of these cars is so crucial to ensure security of these vehicles. Without the key, nobody can get into the car. It's very important that every dealership has a solution to their key control system. That's where 1Micro comes in.

For our customers using the KeyMaster, none have had a car stolen, because the machine locks the keys down and keeps the keys secure in their dealership. Having our key control system amongst any other key tracking system will put you in a secured position, never having to fear stolen vehicles. 


As 2016 Comes To An End, 2017 Is Right Around The Corner!

Take a look: http://www.autonews.com/article/20161230/RETAIL01/161239995/record-or-not-in-2016-auto-sales-growth-seen-drawing-to-end

As the year comes to an end, we see how 2016 might be the end to the annual record sales for automotive dealers. Between bearish analysts, Donald Trump as our soon to be president, and the question on the cost of the vehicle in the future, 2017 raises many questions as to what we'll see in the future.

In terms of how you and your dealership can stay ahead of the curve for selling more vehicles, The KeyMaster is your solution. Time and money are the two big aspects to any business. Our key machine gets your sales team on a test drive quickly, stops the loss of keys, and will help your team sell more vehicles. You need a Key Control System in your dealership, and the 1Micro KeyMaster is your answer!

Happy New Year!



Same Technician, Better Results.

Take a look: http://www.autonews.com/article/20160815/RETAIL07/160819971/1546

If you want your customers coming back time and time again, you listen to what your customers want. That is keeping them with the same technician for their visits as the years go by. Porsche Norwell has this concept in mind as they manage their service department. It's similar as if you were to stay with the same hair stylist throughout your needs of a haircut as time goes on. 

How can you make that experience even better in terms of a key control system? The answer is speed. The time is takes from when the customer hands your team his or her keys to your team handing the keys back after completing a service speaks volume. Time is crucial for any dealership. The KeyMaster will reign in that area for your team. While still keeping the keys secured and locked down, it will produce an efficient manner of receiving/returning keys faster, which will produce the best results for you team.


Waiting for keys, test drive, or service?

Take a look here: http://www.autonews.com/article/20161107/RETAIL07/311079969/1546 

We all know that things get busy in your dealership. Whether it be in service or sales, things always pick up when you least expect it to. This article pointed out how a dealer and GM put a stop to waiting customers due to paperwork by service advisors. They dug deeper in bringing out a better form of customer service with the 15 second rule, even if they have paperwork or busy on the phone.

Another issue that wasn't mentioned in this article has to do with keys. Have you ever thought about the time it takes for a service individual to find the keys to a car? Or the time is takes for your salesperson to find the keys for a test drive? The time to make a customer wait is precious and should be taken very seriously.

Are you using a key machine, keyboard, or any form of key control at all? In the automotive world, having a key machine like the KeyMaster is your best option to save time and money in your dealership. We designed the system to be fast, reliable, and efficient all while keeping your team accountable with their operations. Take a look today at what our key control system, the KeyMaster, can do for you.



Fortune: Black Friday Sales Boost - Automotive

Hi Key Controllers,

Take a look here: http://fortune.com/2016/12/01/black-friday-auto-sales/

We're glad to hear that Black Friday week posted a boost in sales for dealerships! A good economy brings in more customers, which leads to more sales within your dealership. That's the point of every dealership, to sell more cars. That's where they KeyMaster comes in to help close more of those deals. Of the many tools that this key control system has, helping your team collect customer data is what our machine can do. In turn, this will lead to an increase in sales dollars for your dealership. Who knew that a key machine is going to help you increase your sales?

Sales Snapshot: Texas

Hi Key Controllers,

Take a look here at this link: http://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/article/Auto-sales-have-a-better-month-but-still-trending-10621772.php

Let's take a look at vehicle sales figures for Texas. Currently, it overall sounds like the market is in a downward trend, despite the drop in oil prices. Regardless, each dealership must be persistent in closing deals to win the end of the year with strong numbers. Your next key machine can be that solution for helping your team increase sales numbers. The KeyMaster is made to track your keys, but has many more abilities, including customer data gathering. At the end of the day, you need that customer's information to follow up more frequently and close more deals. You set the standard for what information you need before a user gets the keys for a test drive. The more data your CRM gets, the more likely your salesperson can close those deals. Be better than how the industry is today! Track your keys, get customer information, and close more deals. Let the KeyMaster help!