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Many would argue that one of the most underrated points for a business is an efficient process. While a big focus should be on sales, marketing, R&D, and others, without an efficient process built into these areas, a lot of loss can occur. Growth is slower than it would be and opportunities aren’t able to be handled as quickly.

As we tackle problems that many dealerships, fleet departments, rental car companies, and more deal with, the owners see a lot of value in creating an efficient process. When key management is out of control, or there is no control, this results in an inefficient process.

Inefficiencies result in less opportunities closed, more waste of time/money, and more burden on your employees. When it comes to your keys - this can be the customer’s time wasted, higher payrolls, or even theft if you don’t have the correct system in place. 1Micro is committed to a product built around process, and we guarantee it will improve your business over any other method!

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1Micro's New Youtube Account and Luther Brookdale Honda's Results!

Continued Success for Dealerships!

1Micro has added a new social media account with Youtube. Over the course of time, you’ll see updates from trade shows, product demos, and more! See the first video that takes a deeper dive into Luther Brookdale Honda’s store and the successful results 1Micro has delivered. With over 1,500 vehicles, over 100 employees, and a lot of service RO’s each day - 1Micro’s solution has helped control that process. See the video below to learn more!

Accountability Starts With Your Key Management


We understand for every dealership or automotive space, daily tasks become increasingly more demanding. With many moving parts to your operations, managing keys can become a serious headache for you and your staff. Without an employee image, an audit trail, or a secure access method to your keys, it’s easy for things to get out of hand. At 1Micro, we view key control and key tracking through accountability, security, and efficiency.


ACCOUNTABILITY - when you aren’t able to hold an employee accountable by an image, video, or an audit trail, it’s difficult for any manager to have ground to stand on. The KeyMaster will give your manager this solid ground with 4K definition of every user accessing your keys. No questions or excuses!

SECURITY - There are plenty of key control systems available today, but how can you determine what’s best? Take note of engineering that will last for years and years of use. The focus on the KeyMaster has the engineering you’re looking for with aircraft-grade aluminum, vehicle key design, and extreme-strength locking mechanisms. There’s no way around it.

Efficiency - One of the most important parts to your operations is increasing efficiency through your business units. iLot has brought the KeyMaster from an efficient system to an extremely efficient solution between your keys and vehicles. The faster 1Micro can bring your team through the process, the more money you save, and the happier the customer is!

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Visit 1Micro for the NPA Convention October 22-25th!


With many other trade shows in our mix, 1Micro will also be attending the NPA Convention for the Parking and Valet industry. Come to Caesar's Palace to learn more about how our solution will control your process and efficiency! We want your key management to be simple, easy, and cost effective. Stop by Booth #109 and we'll help with your key control needs!

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