Rental Car Key Management


Tracking your Rental Car Keys

With your large inventory of rental cars, your keys could be in many places. They could be located in an office cabinet, on a wooden keyboard, or even in the car itself! We wouldn’t recommend any of these as a way to secure your keys, due to the loss of accountability and increased liability. This is where the KeyMaster comes into play, to secure all of your rental car keys in an automated solution.


Inventory audits for your rental cars

At any given time of the week or the month, you want to be sure that all of your vehicles are accounted for. Your cars could be in service, on the parking lot, with a customer, etc. Instead of using the old-fashioned clipboard and a pencil, speed up your operations with iLot Inventory Audit.


Self-service, customer Key access

Coming soon - give your customers the convenience of receiving or returning their key with the KeyMaster SOLO. Instead of having your customer wait in line to process their transaction, let them do so prior to arrival and get their key in seconds. A simple and seamless way to get your customer through the process!