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iSafe is a Fortress, Engineered and Manufactured to Protect

American Made logo., image

What American Made Means to 1Micro

In the world of manufacturing, there are many shortcuts you can take to save time and money. It takes time and money if your goal is to make something the best there is. Whether you’re building a space shuttle, a Formula 1 car, a racing motorcycle, or precision medical equipment, you would use the same platform we use to build our iSafeTM equipment. 

Our competition chooses the cheap route. Our competitors build their products out of very thin, inexpensive sheet metal. That shortcut alone leads to very expensive vulnerabilities to theft that 1Micro properly secures against.

We named our product iSafeTM because it is intelligent and Safe. 

1Micro - Where quality is the #1 priority.

A Million Pounds of Aluminum Processed Every Year

Pallet of raw aluminum material waiting to be processed., image

Precision CNC Milling

Block of milled aluminum of the cut drawer latches., images

Fortified Robotic Welding

A welding robot welding together an iSafe Pro 6.0 chassis., image

High Strength Industrial Coating

An iSafe Pro 6.0 chassis being powder coated by a man in a protective suit., image

Automated Circuitboard Production

A Europlacer machine assembling motherboards., image

State of the Art Quality Control Optical Inspection

Over Engineered Strength

A 3 foot crowbar attempting to break into an iSafe Pro 6.0 system but failing to do so., image

Reinforced Drawer Slides

Reinforced iSafe Pro 6.0 drawer slide., image

Custom Keyed Security Bolts

An up close image of a security bolt with a unique pattern., image

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some more answers? We're here to help.

What's the price of an iSafe system?
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Pricing really depends on how many keys you're needing to control, as well as how many systems you're needing, and more. Contact our team for a quote, we're happy to help.

Where are your systems produced?
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All iSafe products and software are created in Waconia, Minnesota. We proudly produce, engineer, and support our solution in the United States.

How secure are the iSafe products?
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We take security very seriously. Thousands of customers trust our systems everyday. The average iSafe weighs 600 lbs, with each drawer latch strength up to 3,500 lbs of pressure.Don't forget to add iOptix, an additional layer of accelerometer monitoring on each iSafe. You can also mount your system into the ground, or the wall.

How long do your systems last?
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The average lifespan on an iSafe product is roughly 10-15 years before a customer considers trading in. One of the many benefits of being a cloud-based system, allows the software to dynamically improve over time. No need for upgrading your operating system each year, or even your hardware, since the updates are automatic and overnight.

Are there hidden costs to be aware of down the road?
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We give you upfront pricing and any expected prices related to our solution, so you're always informed. We take pride in our products and customer service. This has brought many referrals from happy customers over the 20 years in business.

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