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24/7 Cloud-Based Reporting

Whether you're at home, at work, or on vacation - iLot allows reporting across all of your iSafe systems from any device, anywhere.

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Enterprise-Level Reporting

Are you part of a corporation or own multiple businesses that need to control keys? iLot allows reporting across all of your iSafe systems.

With a single sign-in, you can manage all locations, or search data at a single location.

Need to move keys from business to business? The enterprise reporting allows for seamless movement of keys between your iSafe systems. This is applicable for cross selling vehicles, moving rental cars to different facilities, contractors moving keys between departments, etc.

100% VIN Decoded Vehicles

Individual asset pages give you a deeper look into what you’re controlling for your keys. Quickly connect your keys to your asset with a simple search.

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User interface view of the VIN decoded vehicle data and picture shown on the iLot Reporting page.
User interface diagram of the key limit for iLot reporting.

Limit Keys, Per User

Tired of an employee with too many keys out? Now it’s one less thing for you to manage, as the iLot software gives you the ability to limit keys checked out by a user.


Always know who has the key, and limit the amount of keys a single user can have checked out at a time.

User Permission

Managing your business has never been easier with giving each employee varying level of asset permissions.

Simple Inventory Search

iLot Reporting can handle 10 assets or 10,000,000 assets, there’s no limit to keeping track of your keys. All vehicles are automatically VIN decoded through ChromeData, with the critical information you’re looking for.

It doesn’t stop there - control anything you need such as gas cards, office keys, apartment keys, dealer plates, golf cart keys, GPS Navigation MicroSD cards, and plenty more. Easily find the data you’re looking for.

User interface view of the iLot Reporting inventory search.

Want to see iLot Reporting in action?

Want to learn more about iLot Reporting? Schedule a demo to learn more!

Audit Trails for every Key

From start to finish, see all activity on your keys in one view. Each transaction contains a series of 4K images of the user removing or returning your keys.

4K Image

Every transaction records multiple 4K images of your users accessing every iSafe.

Video Capture

Need more than pictures? Add on the iLot Video Module for even more accountability.

4K image of the user taking a key from the iSafe, with a timestamp of the transaction., image

Key Activity By Day,
Week, or Month

Need to look at a transaction 6 months ago? Simply filter the dates and view the activity. See all activity on your iSafe devices, even from the beach on your vacation!

Report of all employee key remove  and return transactions., image

Key Checked Out

You’re packed up and ready to close your business, or an employee is ready to clock out - simply access your “Keys Checked Out Report”. In one view, you can see what keys are currently out of your key system, and why they were removed.

Report of the current keys checked out of the iSafe key machine., image

Automated Reporting

Do you work in a busy environment or forget to check your reports? Schedule an automated report to your managers on a daily basis, it’s that simple.

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Asset Aging Report

How new or how old are your vehicles, and do they have keys assigned to them? You’ve got a clear vision of what’s assigned - and what’s not assigned.

Report of the asset's age, and how many keys are assigned to the asset., image

Learn more about iLot Reporting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some more answers? We're here to help.

What's the price of an iSafe system?
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Pricing really depends on how many keys you're needing to control, as well as how many systems you're needing, and more. Contact our team for a quote, we're happy to help.

Where are your systems produced?
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All iSafe products and software are created in Waconia, Minnesota. We proudly produce, engineer, and support our solution in the United States.

How secure are the iSafe products?
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We take security very seriously. Thousands of customers trust our systems everyday. The average iSafe weighs 600 lbs, with each drawer latch strength up to 3,500 lbs of pressure.Don't forget to add iOptix, an additional layer of accelerometer monitoring on each iSafe. You can also mount your system into the ground, or the wall.

How long do your systems last?
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The average lifespan on an iSafe product is roughly 10-15 years before a customer considers trading in. One of the many benefits of being a cloud-based system, allows the software to dynamically improve over time. No need for upgrading your operating system each year, or even your hardware, since the updates are automatic and overnight.

Are there hidden costs to be aware of down the road?
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We give you upfront pricing and any expected prices related to our solution, so you're always informed. We take pride in our products and customer service. This has brought many referrals from happy customers over the 20 years in business.

Still have questions?

There are many different ways to use 1Micro's key management systems, let us know how we can help!