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iSafe Pro 6.0 electronic key system for securing a large amount of keys., image
iSafe Pro 6.0 logo., image

100-10,000+ Keys

The most advanced electronic key control system on the planet for your dealership, multifamily housing, fleet department, and more.

iSafe Lite 2.0 electronic key box for securing a small amount of keys., image
iSafe Lite 2.0 logo., image

20-100 Keys

The iSafe Lite 2.0 key box is commonly used in service drives, valets, reconditioning centers, and more. Like every cloud-based iSafe device, move keys between all of your systems in real time.

iSafe SOLO 2.0 key cabinet for securing an individual amount of keys., image
iSafe SOLO 2.0 logo., image

Up to 20 Keys

Allow your customers a simple way of dropping off, or picking up keys at their own convenience. Service pick ups, rental car drop offs, valet pick ups, and many more scenarios.

iSafe SOLO Lite 3.0 product., image
iSafe SOLO Lite 3.0 Logo., image

Up to 100 Keys

The iSafe SOLO Lite 3.0 is the perfect solution for self-service. Engineered like the Lite 2.0, but featuring improved modularity.