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Self-service key drop off or pick up

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This product is covered by U.S. Patent No. 10,665,047, U.S. Patent No. 11,398,122, and other pending applications and foreign patents.

Zoomed view of a single key door open in the iSafe SOLO 2.0

iSafe SOLO 2.0 Base Features

Easy to Use

10" Inch Touchscreen

Intuitive and easy to use, just like the ATM at your bank.

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Always Monitoring

4K Security Camera

Multiple images capture every user signing in/out, removing or returning a key. Review your reports from any device, anywhere.

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Custom Color Options

7 KeyTag Color Options

Use different colors to determine keys such as Rental Car Keys, Customer Keys, Admin Keys, Door Keys, Service, and more.

The seven different KeyTag color options available for every iSafe key machine., image
Quick and Efficient

KeyTag Label Printer

Every key assigned automatically prints a label for your key.

Brother KeyTag label printer., image

Asset Label Printer

For every assignment, a vehicle label is printed with the asset details. This printer is also Bluetooth® enabled, so you can print on the go.

Brother asset label printer., image
Clear Details

KeyTag Label

Automatic KeyTag labels printed for all of your keys.

User's hand holding a labeled KeyTag with vehicle keys attached., image
Durable Labels

Asset Label

Automatic weatherproof labels printed for every asset.

Asset label on the windshield of a parked car., image
Ready to Secure

Up to 20 Keys Per System

The base system comes equipped with 10, individual key doors.

Front facing iSafe SOLO 2.0 showing 10 individual key doors., image

Wall Mounted Design

Mount your key cabinet to all types of walls with easy mounting.

iSafe SOLO 2.0 mounted to a wall., image
Quick and Easy

Self-Service For Your Keys

Send a one-time QR code to your customer or contractor from anywhere. Then simply present their code to the camera for drop off or pick up of an individual key.

iSafe SOLO 2.0 with customer's phone in hand, presenting one-time QR code to open a single door, for access to their key., image

Proudly Made in America

We ensure the highest level of quality by building and engineering our systems in the United States.

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Always Reliable

1Micro utilizes the latest technology to give you the best performance, every day.

Amazon Web Services

We utilize the power of AWS to connect all of your data to the cloud. Your database is secure and reliable.

Instant Results

Instant results and real time information that you can trust.

Secure Access Anywhere

Mobile device, tablet, laptop, and desktop. Secure access to all of your information, anywhere you go.

2000+ Updates

As the pioneers in key management, we continue to innovate. Your technology will keep improving over the many years with 1Micro.

How Will You Use Your iSafe SOLO 2.0?

See the ways our customers, and their customers, use their electronic key box.

Drop Off or Pick Up
After Hours
Rental Vehicles
Off-Site Access
Independent Contractor Access

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need some more answers? We're here to help.

What's the price of an iSafe system?
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Pricing really depends on how many keys you're needing to control, as well as how many systems you're needing, and more. Contact our team for a quote, we're happy to help.

Where are your systems produced?
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All iSafe products and software are created in Waconia, Minnesota. We proudly produce, engineer, and support our solution in the United States.

How secure are the iSafe products?
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We take security very seriously. Thousands of customers trust our systems everyday. The average iSafe weighs 600 lbs, with each drawer latch strength up to 3,500 lbs of pressure.Don't forget to add iOptix, an additional layer of accelerometer monitoring on each iSafe. You can also mount your system into the ground, or the wall.

How long do your systems last?
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The average lifespan on an iSafe product is roughly 10-15 years before a customer considers trading in. One of the many benefits of being a cloud-based system, allows the software to dynamically improve over time. No need for upgrading your operating system each year, or even your hardware, since the updates are automatic and overnight.

Are there hidden costs to be aware of down the road?
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We give you upfront pricing and any expected prices related to our solution, so you're always informed. We take pride in our products and customer service. This has brought many referrals from happy customers over the 20 years in business.

Still have questions?

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