$100,000 Worth of Vehicles Stolen from Ford Dealership

December 3, 2021
3 min read

ALEXANDER CITY - Even more “Smash and Grab” thefts are occurring, this time at an Alabama dealership that resulted in two new cars stolen, amounting to over $100,000.

A brand new Expedition and Mustang GT were missing when the manager arrived Monday morning. Surveillance showed the thieves entering and exiting quickly. The heist only took about 10 minutes. The video showed at least 2 people entering the building, leaving broken glass on the floor. According to the article, it appears that retrieving keys to the vehicles was fairly simple.

The story ends with a phrase by the manager, something we always agree on: “The best way to avoid it is to lock your vehicle and make sure the keys are secured, most of cars today need the key to work.”

What steps are you taking each night before you close your dealership? Are your keys secured in a key control system, or easily accessed on a keyboard? The KeyMaster gives your team the ability to secure the keys and audit who is accessing them. A picture is taken of every user signing into the system. Additionally, you have the ability to review reports of current keys out of the system, key activity, audit trails, and much more!

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