12 Cars, 139 Key Fobs Found From January Theft

April 1, 2022
3 min read

NEWARK - A theft from a local car dealership has been mostly resolved after a 15-year-old suspect was arrested in a stolen Audi. Police found this suspect to be related to the theft of 12 cars from a single dealership, but also 139 key fobs stolen from their key tracking system. The Newark Public Safety Director commended the officers for getting to the bottom of the case, and suspects apprehended.

How are you keeping your keys managed and tracked at your dealership? If your keys are on a wooden board, or even in a key system that isn’t fully secure, what steps can you take to avoid over 100 fobs stolen from your dealership?

We created the KeyMaster to increase your team’s accountability, secure your keys, and deter thieves from stealing your valuable assets. Additionally, iOptix takes things a step further by notifying you of any movement made to your key machine (slamming, tilting, etc).

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