2 Arrested in attempted Dealership Theft

March 18, 2024
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Inside view of car dealership with two thieves around a car., image

2 Arrested in attempted Dealership Theft

At a Lenawee County dealership, authorities foiled an attempted car theft involving four masked individuals. This incident, connected to a prior theft of two high-value Dodge Chargers, showcases the quick response of local law enforcement. After a late-night surveillance operation, two suspects were arrested while efforts to capture the remaining two continue. The swift action of Michigan State Police and local officers highlights the challenges and strategies in combating auto theft. This case highlights the ongoing battle against criminal activities targeting automotive dealerships.

Vehicle thefts at dealerships and other businesses have seen a notable increase, highlighting a growing concern for both law enforcement and the automotive industry. Here are some key points and details on the situation:

Trend and Statistics: There’s been a noticeable uptick in vehicle thefts from dealerships, with sophisticated criminals targeting high-value vehicles.

High-Value Targets: High-performance and luxury vehicles are particularly at risk, often stolen to order for specific clients or for parts.

Security Measures: Dealerships are enhancing security protocols, including better surveillance systems, physical barriers, and tracking devices on vehicles. Electronic key management systems such as the iSafe Pro 6.0 is a popular choice for securing keys.
Law Enforcement Response: Increased patrols and surveillance around automotive businesses, along with collaboration between agencies, are part of the strategy to combat these thefts.

Preventive Actions: Dealerships are advised to conduct regular security audits, employee training on security practices, and engage with technology solutions that offer advanced protection against theft.

As thieves are getting more creative in stealing with updated technology, tactics, etc, what steps are you taking to secure your business?

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