31 Keys Stolen From Mechanicsburg Dealership

May 2, 2022
3 min read

MECHANICSBURG - A break-in occurred at a dealership, which resulted in the theft of 2 vehicles and 31 key fobs. The thieves were wearing ski masks and gloves, making it difficult to identify them as they placed an unknown license plate on the car before leaving.

Police were able to determine the alarm was triggered when the suspect climbed through a window and left through a door exit. Just two hours later, the two suspects returned to steal a 2019 Dodge and a 2021 GMC. The vehicles have yet to be located.

Are You Utilizing a Key Control System in Your Dealership?

There are many benefits to controlling your keys, such as key replacement expenses, time expenses, etc. In situations like these, which seem to be occurring more frequently in the US, the liability of losing 31 keys and 2 vehicles is expensive for a dealership.

Not only do you count the loss for what was stolen, but the time it takes to get back to baseline. This could be the time working with police on what was stolen (if you can pinpoint this), the data from cameras, if plates were stolen, etc. Not to mention, you need to reprogram 31 keys in order to sell those cars to customers! If you were to compare these theft costs versus a KeyMaster, they would be plenty higher.

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