$35,000 Worth of Keys Stolen From Georgia Dealership

July 11, 2022
2 min read

SNELLEVILLE - More thieves are at it again, this time along Stone Mountain Highway in Georgia. The culprits broke in when the building’s alarm system wasn’t set, which resulted in a major loss for the dealership.

The office manager counted at least 90 keys, as well as one vehicle stolen from the heist. Video shows the men breaking through a window, and prying into the locked key cabinet in a matter of seconds.

Dealership employees were forced to turn customers away from the dealership because they didn’t have any keys to test drive the car. While the dealership owners work with insurance on a resolution, a big fear is that the thieves will come back to steal more vehicles, since they have the keys. Gwinnett County Police are now investigating the case.

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