$350,000 Worth of Vehicles Stolen from Dealership Showroom Floor

September 10, 2021
2 min read

MURFREESBORO - At a local Dodge dealership, thieves were able to disarm the building alarm and break in. After forcing their way onto the dealership showroom floor, they were able to find keys for vehicles located in the front. The suspects drove out of the building early morning, leaving with brand-new Challengers and Chargers. Additionally, 5 dealership plates were stolen, as well as 22 customer plates. Unfortunately, there is no surveillance video of the theft.

When it comes to your key control and dealer plate control, what are your current methods to keep them secure? A key management system is a very effective way to maintain accountability for your team. There are also many other benefits related to efficiency, process, etc, but security is a big piece for instances like these. If or when somebody breaks into your dealership, what solutions or processes do you have in place to deter thieves from situations like these? We are ready to help you avoid theft!

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