$400,000 Worth of Customer Cars Stolen From Dealership

Posted by team 1Micro
August 8, 2022
2 min read

WEXFORD - A recent break-in occurred at a Mercedes dealership, where the back door of the building was pried open, allowing suspects to enter. Police Chief mentioned broken glass and “significant damage at the car dealership”. It was found that three different customer vehicles, which were getting serviced, were stolen from the service drive.

There was no mention that the keys were in the vehicles already, or if they were secured in a key management system. GPS devices were used to try and track the vehicles, but only found the units themselves, licenses, plates, and debris. It would seem the suspects knew quickly to remove the devices from the cars, to extend their chances of not getting caught.

Thankfully, the vehicles were able to bre recovered by police after 14 hours of them being stolen. Both video surveillance and DNA testing are being reviewed, but no arrests have been made.

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