5 Vehicles Stolen From Panama City Dealership

October 8, 2021
3 min read

PANAMA CITY - An investigation has taken place after a Florida dealership reported several vehicles stolen from their lot. Employees arrived at the store and noticed vehicles such as Ford, Mazda, GMC, and Infiniti were gone. The vehicles have yet to be recovered and have not been reported as to how they were stolen.

When a vehicle or key is stolen from your dealership, what steps are you taking to ensure this doesn’t happen again? Here are some tips we’ve seen other dealers successfully implement to improve security:

  • Invest in a key tracking system.
  • Invest in a security camera system.
  • If you already have a building security system, ensure it connects with your cameras.
  • Before closing your dealership, lock all building doors.
  • Use your reports from your key tracking system to ensure keys are back in the system.
  • Ensure your service drive garage doors are closed and locked.
  • Ensure customer keys are secured in your key tracking system.
  • Ensure management office doors are locked.
  • Cashier registers or safes should remain locked and secured at all times.

These are just a few examples of where you can boost your security within your dealership or business operations during open hours, but primarily before closing.

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