6 vehicles, keys stole from Pennsylvania Dealership

April 10, 2023
2 min
Dealership door that was broken into., image

Content: SCRANTON - A recent news article highlighted the issue of theft at car dealerships in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where six cars were stolen from a dealership in just one night. Thieves broke into the building by forcing entry, and stealing cash, as well as multiple keys from the store. The article did not discuss if there was a key management system in place, or not.

Car theft can result in significant financial losses for dealerships. When cars are stolen, dealerships not only lose the value of the vehicle itself, but they also lose potential sales. Additionally, dealerships may need to spend additional money on repairs or replacements for damaged property, such as broken windows or gates. Customers who are affected by dealership theft may lose trust in the establishment, which can damage the dealership’s reputation. Customers who have already made a purchase may be impacted by delays caused by the theft, such as delays in receiving their car or delays in completing the necessary paperwork.

It is clear that security is essential for car dealerships. While it may be costly to invest in security measures, the financial and reputational losses that can result from theft are far more significant. In addition to the measures mentioned in the news article, dealerships can take additional steps to improve their security, such as installing alarm systems, securing inventory, and implementing access controls. Contact 1Micro to help secure and control your keys!

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