6 Vehicles Stolen from Knoxville Dealership

August 27, 2021
2 min read

KNOXVILLE - Recently, a Ford dealership located in northern Tennessee experienced stolen vehicles as well as vandalism. Six of these vehicles ranged from $22,000 to $72,000 in price, such as a Lincoln Navigator and Ford 350. The police do not specify how the keys were accessed. It also appears the vehicles have yet to be recovered.

When you work with a 1Micro employee to determine your needs, we look for a couple of things:

  • Where your keys are currently stored.
  • Who has access to your keys?
  • When employees have access to keys.
  • What is your current method of key management is.
  • Current issues that arise with your keys (where they are, what they are being used for, etc).

Have you recently dealt with a theft issue or employees using keys/cars when they shouldn’t be? The KeyMaster is here to help!

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