$600,000 worth of dealership cars stolen in 60 seconds

Team 1Micro
March 6, 2023
2 min read

SOMERSET - A well-plan heist occurred at a Kentucky dealership, which only took 60 seconds, resulting in $600,000 of stolen vehicles. At 2:00 am, the thieves broke into the dealership through the service doors and immediately went to work, searching for the keys. After finding keys in the cars on the showroom floor and in the dealership building, the six crooks sped off in Dodge Hellcats, each priced around $100,000.Thankfully, five of the six cars stolen have been recovered, though with extensive damage and one even a total loss.

The article doesn’t mention if a key control system is present at the dealership, but the article’s video interview shows keys hanging on the wall behind the General Manager.

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