Car Dealership Theft Ends in Shooting, Suspects Hospitalized

Posted by Team 1Micro
October 10, 2022
3 min read

NASHVILLE - At around 2:00 am, two vehicles crashed near a used car dealership, which turned into a shooting. One of the two vehicles stolen ended up crashing into another, where a shooting ensued, leaving the two suspects fleeing after being shot.

Police reported that the injured suspects began knocking on doors, searching for medical attention, and ended up being taken to the hospital for serious injuries. The 20 and 17-year-old suspect will be charged with vehicle theft.

The article doesn’t state information on if a security system, camera system, or key control system were already in place, or how the keys were obtained for the stolen Dodge Charger.

As crime continues to increase across the US, what steps are you taking to manage and secure your keys in your dealership?

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