Car Key Lock Box Damaged, $1M of Vehicles Stolen

March 25, 2022
3 min read

EVANSTON - Brazen thieves continue damaging and stealing cars across the country from dealerships, service departments, and more. This time, a luxury car dealership outside of Chicago was subject to a 5-hour theft, which resulted in almost $1,000,000 worth of vehicles stolen.

Video cameras across the dealership show multiple thieves smashing windows through the dealership and finding their way to the car key lock box. It appears there was a crowbar used to rip open the key box. From there, the thieves took 3 different trips to steal the higher-end vehicles from the dealership. A partner with the dealership expects to pay over $100,000, even after insurance gets involved.

Events like these are a prime example as to why we engineered iOptix, to help monitor your key tracking system if a theft were to occur, and thieves come for your keys. The KeyMaster is equipped with an accelerometer that monitors activity (such as someone attempting to break into your KeyMaster).

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