Car Thieves Steal Four Vehicles From Car Dealership, Two Times In a Row

Posted by team 1Micro
August 22, 2022
2 min read

LYNWOOD - Another theft occurred at a local used car dealership, not once, but twice in the same morning.

Police were called to the dealership around 4:30am after a reported vehicle theft. Only two hours later, when authorities were on a different part of the property, the same thieves came back to steal more vehicles. The suspects are still at large, and four stolen vehicles are not yet found: a BMW, a Mercedes, and two Jeeps.

Unfortunately, this area of the county has been growing with car thefts. Additionally, recent law passed in the area does not allow deputies to pursue a stolen car. In these two thefts reported, it wasn’t detailed on how the keys were obtained, or if there was a key management system in place.

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