Dealership Owner's Car and 40 Keys Stolen From HIs Own Driveway

Posted by Team 1Micro
October 17, 2022
2 min read

TULSA - The owner of a used car dealership recently experienced theft at his own residence, as well as his business only miles down the street. Early Monday morning, his 2014 Camaro was stolen from his driveway at his home. In addition, there were 40 keys in the trunk of his unlocked Dodge Challenger that were also stolen.

After stealing the Camaro and 40 keys from the Challenger, the thieves took a 6 mile drive in the stolen car to the owner’s dealership. Video surveillance shows the thieves arrive at the business around 6:00am, stealing a Corvette and Silverado, and driving them off the lot.

Though the Corvette and Silverado were both found abandoned the next day, the Camaro has still not been found. There is a $5,000 reward for finding the Camaro.

The article does not state if the dealership is using a key control method, or if taking the keys home by ownership was the normal method. No arrests have been made.

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