Deshaun Watson's $100,000 Truck Stolen From Dealership

Posted by Team 1Micro
January 23, 2023
3 min read

NORTH OLMSTED - Keeping a customer happy and trusting of your brand is obviously an important part to any business. Unfortunately, an Ohio dealership was another victim to brazen thefts across the country, which included 3 brand new 2023 Mercedes vehicles stolen, and the truck of famous pro football quarterback, Deshaun Watson.

The article doesn’t highlight how the thefts occurred, or how the keys to the vehicles were stolen. The $100,000 Ram TRX owned by the quarterback was at the dealership for service.

Other dealerships in northern Ohio are tightening down security measures after multiple thefts have occurred over the past few months. Key control systems are at the top of the list, as a way to secure keys that were originally hanging on a keyboard, laying on a desk, or toolbox. As the country sees more and more break ins and thefts occur, what steps are you taking to secure your business?

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