Eight Vehicles and Many Keys Stolen from Lakewood Dealership

August 6, 2021
2 min read

LAKEWOOD - A group of savvy individuals was able to break into a Colorado dealership unnoticed and steal most keys out of the safe. Unfortunately, the dealership’s security system did not detect the break-in.

This led to eight cars being stolen in just one night. So far, the owners say that police have recovered five vehicles, but unfortunately, management has re-keyed almost every vehicle for fear of the thieves coming back to steal more.

In the video, the owner describes how discouraging the situation has been for their business as well as informing other local dealers to stay aware, and ensure it doesn’t happen to them.

It’s terrible theft situations such as these where key control can deter someone from leaving with your keys and vehicles. 1Micro created the KeyMaster for a variety of problems that dealerships, service drives, and many other businesses face today. We’re here to hel p secure your keys!

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