Four Vehicles Stolen After Denver Dealership Break In

Posted by team 1Micro
August 29, 2022
2 min read

DENVER - Even with the police on the scene, four vehicles were stolen from a car dealership, including an expensive Bentley.

The dealership’s owner woke up to alarm and video of a break in at his dealership, around 3:30am. The owner called the police right away. After smashing the glass with a hammer within the building, the suspects are seen grabbing keys and exiting the building. Police were on the scene before the thieves even exited the building, but remained parked with their lights on, as the suspects sped off in the stolen vehicles.

Unfortunately, due to the “Metro Wide Chase Policy” officers are not able to pursue property crimes, allowing the thieves to leave without anything slowing them down. This also happened at this same dealership only a few weeks ago, with three cars stolen, and again months back with two cars stolen.

No vehicles from this case have been recovered, and no suspects have been arrested. The article did not mentioned if a key control system was in place during the theft.

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