How 1Micro’s iSafe Key Management System Thwarted a Potential Massive Theft at Kalidy Kia

June 3, 2024
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Security camera view of a thief shooting the key security device., image

How 1Micro’s iSafe Key Management System Thwarted a Potential Massive Theft at Kalidy Kia

In a recent incident at Kalidy Kia, an Edmond car dealership, two suspects broke in overnight with the clear intent to steal valuable assets. However, thanks to the robust and secure nature of 1Micro’s iSafe system, the perpetrators left empty-handed, unable to achieve their objective. Here’s a detailed look at how the iSafe system played a crucial role in preventing a major theft.

The Break-In

Late at night, two suspects shattered a pane of glass on a garage door to gain entry into Kalidy Kia. According to Corey Suiter, the General Manager, the suspects “actually shoot through the glass, and then they climb through it.” This bold entry method indicated that the criminals were determined and possibly well-prepared.

Inside the dealership, the showroom was filled with an array of high-end sports cars, including Challengers, Corvettes, and even luxury brands like Bentley. Despite the tempting selection of vehicles, the suspects ignored these valuable cars, suggesting they were after something specific.

The Suspects’ Target

Suiter believes the suspects were looking for a particular car key. “They were clearly looking for one certain key to a car because there were several keys in our manager’s area that they walked right by,” he explained. This theory was supported by security footage, which captured one of the suspects rummaging through the manager’s area but leaving all customer car keys untouched.

The suspects even shot at a key-making machine, leaving bullet indentations. Despite their aggressive tactics, they failed to obtain any keys or access any of the high-value vehicles on display.

The Role of 1Micro’s iSafe System

The absence of stolen items can be attributed to the advanced security measures provided by 1Micro’s iSafe system. Here’s how iSafe made the difference:

1. Advanced Surveillance: The dealership’s security footage, enabled by iSafe, captured clear images of the suspects and their movements. This real-time monitoring allowed for immediate alerting and potential future identification of the culprits.

2. Key Management Security: iSafe’s secure key management system ensures that keys are stored safely and are only accessible by authorized personnel. The suspects’ inability to find and steal the keys suggests that iSafe’s secure key storage and tracking features effectively safeguarded the dealership’s assets.

3. Physical Fortress: The over-built, aircraft-grade aluminum nature of iSafe proved a difficult task to penetrate the system, even with a few bullets.

The Outcome

Despite the break-in and the aggressive methods employed by the suspects, the dealership reported no stolen items, thanks to the effective security measures in place. Edmond police have confirmed that a report has been filed, although no arrests have been made yet.

The attempted theft at Kalidy Kia underscores the importance of having a robust security system in place. 1Micro’s iSafe system proved its worth by not only deterring the thieves but also protecting valuable assets from being stolen. This incident serves as a testament to the efficacy of advanced security solutions in safeguarding businesses against potential threats.

For dealerships and businesses looking to enhance their security measures, the iSafe system by 1Micro is a proven solution that offers peace of mind and reliable protection against even the most determined criminals.

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