iLot Features For Key Management

February 21, 2022
3 min read

Ready for more advancements in key control at your dealership, service drive, apartment, etc? 1Micro is excited to announce new features to the widely used iLot™ application, available on iOS™ and Android™.

KeyTransfer: Need to hand a key to another employee, but the KeyMaster™ is miles away? On the iLot™ app, simply navigate to your Transactions page, select the “KeyTransfer” button, select your key, and you’ll receive a transfer QR. The next user simply needs to scan your phone’s barcode, and the key is transferred from user to user! There are many areas this can be used, such as service, reconditioning, sales, from manager to employee, and so on.

Bluetooth Mobile Printing: Need to print some iLot™ Asset Labels away from the KeyMaster™ key system? You can now easily connect your iOS™ or Android™ device to the Brother™ mobile printer via Bluetooth—print vehicle labels at your desk, at the transport, or right at the vehicle.

In-Depth Vehicle Data: VIN-decoded vehicles through ChromeData™ now show up on every asset page with everything you’re looking for, such as year, make, model, color, invoice price, etc.

That’s just the beginning! There are plenty more items coming down the pipeline, hang tight as we continue to announce what 1Micro has been working on.

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