Juveniles Steal Key Safe With Over 40 Set of Keys From Auto Shop

October 15, 2021
2 min read

COLUMBUS - A group of juveniles stormed into an Ohio auto shop, leaving with a key safe full of 45 keys, and 7 stolen vehicles. The owner of the business was left in complete shock, especially seeing how young they were. Columbus Police have seen over 5,000 car thefts within the city, in 2021 alone. So far, four of the seven vehicles have been recovered, as police continue their investigation.

Even businesses with a key safe have the chance for theft. In this case, the safe looks to be less than 50 lbs, showing one of the juveniles carrying it overhead in the parking lot. Other than the 7 customer cars stolen, there were also 45 keys stolen.

Whether you’re at a dealership service drive or an auto service shop, explaining to 45 customers about the situation, the possibility for theft, and repaying $10,000 in key loss is daunting for any owner. The KeyMaster Lite would be ideal for a key capacity such as this. Equipped with a 4K camera, high-strength doors, and precise engineering for wall mounting your unit, this solution can help deter thieves from situations like this.

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