Key Box Broken Into, Leads to $1M Dealership Heist

Posted by Team 1Micro
December 19, 2022
2 min read

LILLINGTON - An electronic key management system was broken into at a dealership, causing at least 10 cars to be stolen.

The operations director detailed surveillance videos, which shows an individual approaching the dealership, throwing a brick into the glass door, and entering the building. After gaining access to the dealership, it appears the thieves were able to break into the key box holding all of the keys.

The video didn’t articulate what tools were used, but pictures show a forced break in, either with a screwdriver or pry bar type of tool. After stealing the keys from the system, 6-8 individuals showed up on the parking lot and start finding the cars for the keys. The expected value of the 10 stolen cars totals to almost $1,000,000. No suspects have been arrested or any vehicles have been reported as recovered.

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