Key Control In Your Dealership, Fleet, Rental Cars, Etc

June 29, 2022
4 min read

If you have been reading 1Micro’s past blog posts over the weeks, you can see the numerous amounts of increased crime at dealerships, service centers, etc. Both vehicles and parts have become more expensive due to the current supply chain situation across the world. We believe this relates to the increased crime with businesses that own a fleet of vehicles or sell vehicles.

We also believe this to be a growing trend over time, as it relates to recent law enforcement restrictions, increased gang initiatives, pricier automotive parts, and easier ways to make money from stolen items. We have learned of robberies, break ins, stolen parts/vehicles, and much more across the United States and Canada.

With this increasing trend and the need for security in your business, what steps are you taking to reduce your liability with your keys?

  • Secure and control your keys - if your keys are on a keyboard, desk drawer, or widely available to an unauthorized user, we would expect only a matter of time before keys are stolen, as well as your vehicles.
  • Lock your doors - you would be surprised how often things are left unlocked. Doors, cabinets, etc, that “should” be locked, are not. In between processes or before closing your business, ensure lockable items, are in fact locked.
  • Utilize your reports - do you have a key management system to keep tabs on your keys? How about door locks within your building? Most systems have reporting features to see audit trails on your keys, or access to rooms. The KeyMaster has many useful reports that can be viewed here.
  • Utilize your camera system - if you have a camera system installed, set up a daily or weekly process to review footage in liable spots near valuable assets, low-traffic areas, and more.
  • Secure your network - if you thought physical security was your only task, your network is just as much of a liability. If you handle personal customer data, or classified government data, etc, review the devices on your network frequently, and who has access. Any unknown devices could pose a risk to your business data, and even your customer’s data. Limit access with a strong password-protected Wi-Fi, as well as a Guest Wi-Fi, separate from your core network.
  • Utilize monitoring devices - tracking devices are becoming more and more popular to keep track of keys, valuable assets, motion sensing, or movement sensing. If you already use a KeyMaster within your operations, you may be able to turn on iOptix, our new accelerometer tracking device. This tool can track your key machine activity such as drawers slamming, tilting, or even unauthorized after-hours activity.

1Micro is here to help with maintaining control of your keys. We will continue to innovate and listen to your problems that we can continue to solve, all with a long-lasting system and excellent support.

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