Key Fobs Stolen From Luxury Car Dealership in Portland

April 25, 2022
2 min read

Key Control in Your Dealership

PORTLAND - A man was recently accused of causing $1,500 in damages after breaking into a luxury car dealership, and stealing vehicle keys. It wasn’t reported as to how they were stolen, or where the keys were located. There were also no reports if the dealership uses a key management system or not.

The suspect managed to steal 3 key fobs for Mercedes and ended up being found near a local pawn shop. He now faces several charges including burglary II, criminal mischief I, and theft I.

Thankfully, it didn’t appear that the suspect ended up stealing any vehicles, but just the keys instead. It’s possible he planned to revisit the dealership at a later date to steal a car, but the police were able to get to him prior to that.

What steps are you taking to increase security at your dealership with alarm systems, cameras, locks, or key management systems?

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