Key Lock Boxes Lead to Over $500,000 Worth of Luxury Cars Stolen

September 24, 2021
2 min read

WEXFORD - Police are astounded at a recent vehicle theft involving a Bentley dealership, which led to many luxury vehicles stolen. Some of the vehicles makes included Mercedes, BMW, and Bentley. According to police, the thieves were able to manipulate the key lock boxes on the side of the car, which allowed them to steal the vehicles. Currently, only one vehicle has been recovered - over 200 miles away, in West Virginia.

Are your keys controlled in a key management system or key lock boxes on the side of the car? While it may be convenient to have the key with the vehicle at all times, we’ve learned the liabilities at the dealership increase dramatically.

It appears across theft rings in America, the key lock boxes are a main target thieves look for, as it allows easy access to a car when manipulated. The transition to a centralized key management system, such as the KeyMaster, greatly reduces this risk. It also gives you added benefits in reporting, efficiency, etc.

Are you currently in this same situation and looking for a different key control system? 1Micro is here to help!

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