Key Management For Your Fleet Vehicles

December 10, 2019
2 min read

The keys to your fleet vehicles are constantly moving with your operations every day. Employees may need a vehicle for a couple of hours or multiple days. As the manager of your fleet, you need to ensure everything is accounted for and your assets are protected. If your keys are in a filing cabinet, sitting at a desk, or on a keyboard then it may be time for a change to a more advanced key management system. 1Micro can help keep your team accountable with the KeyMaster. Whether you have a fleet of 20 vehicles or 20,000 vehicles, we will assist in making sure you know who has what key, how long they’ve had a key, and even a picture of them removing or returning the key. Now you can see who is taking vehicles for unauthorized use such as running personal errands or getting lunch on their break.

Keeping your team accountable is our end goal as this translates to one less thing for you to manage or question. Additionally, it will reduce any finger-pointing or unjustified accusations. We’re here to help improve your efficiency, lower your costs/liabilities, and keep your team accountable.

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