KeyMaster Helps Dealership Avoid $200,000 in Theft

February 4, 2022
4 min read

Recently, a dealership customer of 1Micro was thankful to have their KeyMaster installed, prior to a break in by a couple of thieves. The video of the attempted robbery shows a thief throw a brick through the front door and sneak through the dealership’s showroom floor.

After running through different areas of the dealership with a flashlight, the thief finds the KeyMaster in a closet. After about 30 seconds of attempting to break into the key management system, the thief is unsuccessful, and makes a run for it.

Not seen in the video were roughly 10 more thieves outside of the dealership. They were ready to drive off in the stolen vehicles, but the KeyMaster stopped the thieves from gaining access to the keys.

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