Keys, Cars, Cash, and More Stolen from Used Car Dealers

November 12, 2021
3 min read

ROANOKE - Over 30 keys, $40,000 in cash, security equipment, vehicle parts, and vehicles were stolen from several dealerships on Monday. In this recent interview with owners of these dealerships, they were each broken into, by multiple thieves. Video surveillance shows a group of crooks breaking the entry door and ransacking the place for vehicle keys, cash, and even car titles. The recent string of thefts does not seem to be getting better, as the US has seen a dramatic increase in crime over the last 12 months.

What steps are you taking at your dealership to reduce theft, break-ins, etc? Even if you have 15-30 vehicles at your dealership, easy access to keys could result in serious damage/loss for your business. For dealerships with less than 100 vehicles, we recommend the KeyMaster Lite as a cost-effective solution to secure your keys. You’re not only controlling the key, but you’re controlling access to over $500,000 worth of vehicles. In an event like this, a key management system could help make a difference in the end result.

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