Luxury Dealership Owner "Feels Violated" After Smash and Grab

December 18, 2021
2 min read

CHICAGO - The owner of a luxury dealership, Joe Perillo, shows his irritation with increased crime and concern for safety after thieves ran into his dealership stealing luxury watches. Video shows this happened in broad daylight during open hours. The thieves appear to be armed with weapons as they quickly smash the jewelry case glass, and leave with thousands of dollars worth of high-end watches. Thankfully, the event was less than 30 seconds and there were no vehicles stolen or people injured.

Crimes like these appear to be getting worse in other retail stores across the United States, as more thieves are becoming increasingly confident in their attempts to steal what they can. We’ve seen thefts of keys, cars, catalytic converters, tools, jewelry, and much more. Whether it be your dealership, retail shop, fleet department, or auto shop, what steps are you doing to protect and secure your assets?

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