Maintain Accountability By Tracking Your Rental Car Keys

January 31, 2020
3 min read

If you thought controlling your keys only happened in the dealership, fleet, government, or housing setting, there are plenty of other businesses at risk. For example, there are many rental car companies that are known for leaving keys in vehicles, in a filing cabinets, or on a keyboard. Initially, you may think stolen vehicles or lost keys are a priority issue, but what about a side business run by a current employee?

Take a look at what occurred in the Sarasota Bradenton International Airport with a savvy Hertz employee:

Every action starts with the keys to the vehicle, asset, or unit. The crucial data that is missed here, is how long the keys were checked out, by what users, and for what reason. This can’t be accurately audited without a key tracking system in place. Here’s where the KeyMaster will help you maintain accountability by adding security measures with a 4K image of each transaction, time-stamped, and secured on the cloud. Additionally, using iLot Inventory Audit can supplement the questionable stolen vehicles, by ensuring they are currently in possession and match the current keys checked out of the system. What measures are you willing to take before something this bad occurs in your business? Be proactive, not reactive!

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