Man Charged With Stealing 2 Vehicles from Harrison Dealership

July 16, 2021
2 min read

HARRISON - A man has been jailed after being charged with stealing 2 vehicles and burglarizing a dealership.  One business owner of the dealership noticed a ladder propped up to a window and realized shortly after, the keys to a GMC were missing. The GMC was reported stolen, as well as a Pontiac from a different dealership. After a man with matching clothes from video surveillance was seen driving and parking the vehicle, he was then arrested.

As thieves get more comfortable with trespassing and stealing assets from your business, what are you doing to hinder this, or even put a stop to theft happening? The KeyMaster isn’t only a solution to help manage your keys and increase accountability, it’s designed to help hinder thieves from gaining access. Depending on your capacity controlled, the KeyMaster weighs up to 600 lbs of solid aircraft-grade aluminum. High strength latches, locks, and hinges increase security to your thousands of dollars worth of keys, that control access to millions of dollars worth of your vehicles. 1Micro is here to help!

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