New iLot Website Reports and Features

February 28, 2022
3 min read

Noticed any changes to 1Micro continues to innovate on your key management system’s reporting with recent updates available to current customers. Our development team listens to feedback from daily users within dealerships, service drives, and housing, and helps build a stronger solution for those who trust the KeyMaster, iLot, and future products for their business.

Take a look at some new features to help maintain control of your keys!

Asset Aging Report: As seen on the iLot Reporting page, this new report helps dealerships or fleet departments quickly tell how old vehicles are within their KeyMaster, how many keys are assigned, or if a car isn’t in inventory, but still has keys assigned.

Automated Alerts/Reports: Did it slip your mind to view the “Keys Checked Out” report before closing? Or what if a user checked out keys past their limit?  You can now automate emails to your employees, making it that much easier to keep your reports - and your team - in line.

Key Limit: There’s always that one user who has more keys than they should. You can now limit how many keys a user can have out. When they’ve reached their limit, the KeyMaster software will not allow them to remove another, until the keys have been returned.

We’re not finished, there’s plenty more to be announced over the next few weeks!

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