Over $320,000 Worth of Vehicles Stolen From Michigan Dealership

October 1, 2021
3 min read

HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP - As break-ins and thefts continue to increase, this time, it resulted in four very expensive vehicles stolen from a Michigan dealership. Employees found a side door sitting in the parking lot, as well as shattered glass from the showroom floor.

The main office had been raided, including a locker where the keys were stored. The four vehicles were driven off the lot, two of which were right through the glass of the showroom floor. So far, one of the vehicles has been recovered with severe damage (pictured).

When it comes to securing your keys in the dealership, fleet department, etc, how difficult is it for somebody to open your key management system? Not only are you securing thousands of dollars worth of keys, but you’re also securing access to millions worth of vehicles on your lot. If you can simply break into your own system with a tool such as a hammer or a screwdriver, we recommend reconsidering your options.

1Micro built the KeyMaster as a solid, robust solution for securing and managing your keys. Engineered and manufactured in the US, the system uses thick and heavy aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes any theft job a difficult one. 1Micro is here to increase the security and control of your keys.

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